December 30, 2006

X-mas photos for B.A.R.K.
Every year I donate a day to B.A.R.K for Santa Paws photos. It is always great to see the returning owners and pets who I have come to know over the past couple of years. As well as the committed volunteers who spend endless hours pulling together to help raise money for this incredible rescue group. I'll have you know
Santa was on his best behaviour for the visiting dogs.

Once again, as every year, I am always torn by the horror stories & conditions that some of the rescued dogs have come from. I encourage you to visit the B.A.R.K. web site and think about volunteering or donating at the next event.

Have a happy Howl-i-day!

December 20, 2006

PAWS for Charity

I am proud to be a part of the group called PAWS for Charity, where myself and three very talented women have come together to help raise funds for breast cancer research. We made a great first time donation to the Canadian Cancer Society for $2200, raising the money in only a short couple of months. This is only the beginning of our effort bringing dogs and our products together to help raise money for very important issues. We plan to continue our fundraising and will launch our 2007 campaign ideas soon!
From left to right is: Kelly Goan Canadian Cancer Society, Sara Harley, Char Harding Around the, Julie Kelly of & moi.

December 7, 2006

Wag Doggin it Cafe
We had a great time at Wag on Bank Street near Lansdown park November 30. I met some great dogs & cool cats! Here is a one of my handsome models!

It was great to meet all of the owners, look for a gallery of select images captured that night on my web site If you would like access to the gallery for reprints, drop me an email and I'll let you in!

All the best,

November 9, 2006

Dogs in Canada Magazine

A little update for all, Check out the Dog in Canada Annual on sale now. The Zen of Fetch was shot in Constance Bay this past September with beautiful labs from breeder Mike Quennville of His labs are also featured in the upcoming December issue of Dogs in Canada magazine. Keep a look out for upcoming issues next year of Dogs in Canada for more Ottawa featured dogs.

WAG Pet Shop November 30 3-9 pm
If you want to come out and say hi, I will be at a meet and greet social night at WAG Doggin' it cafe on Bank Street on November 30 from 3-9pm. I am even bringing my camera to capture your pet's personality. I look forward to meeting all the people and their pouches! See you there!

October 21, 2006

Lots going on since the last post. I had an awesome trip with some fantastic women entrepreneurs Char & Julie of & for an event called "Greyhounds Reach the Beach". We had an incredible week of vending in Rehobooth Deleware in the firehall and resting our heads at a very cute little cottage in Dewey. Despite the Nor'Easter that hit the coast while we were there, we had a great time visiting all the incredible dogs visiting our booth over the weekend. I had the honour to photograph many wonderful people and their beautiful greys and even a non-grey! Here are some shots from one of the shoots on the beach with Gaby, Tinkerbelle & Doc. I cannot wait to get their books back, keep posted for an update and a peak into their books in the next couple of months. I look forward to pre-booking for Dewey 2007!

October 1, 2006

Chinese New Year of the Dog poster
featuring a beautiful retired greyhound & Dachsund puppy.

Canadian photographer Suzanne Bird photographed and designed the Year of the Dog poster for those who love great photography and everything about dogs. A great addition to the office wall. Trained as a photojournalist, Suzanne has focused her eye and talents on capturing a pet's personality for her clients. What a better year to launch her dog photography business featuring the beautiful greyhound Isabelle, this poster is a special keepsake for the discerning greyhound lover. Poster dimensions 11"X 17" (Daschund slightly smaller) Posters $21.00
tx (.8) $1.68 shp/hnd $6.50

To Purchase these posters please email me at with your shipping information. I will send you the mailing information or paypal information. Once your payment is received, your shipment will be processed.

September 30, 2006

To keep you in suspense here is the page that features my photo of Betty and Sara-Belle, a breast cancer survivor and her loyal canine. Betty was photographed with her dog Sara-Belle for the package of Sara Harley's fundraising biscuit called Crunch for a Cure. You can get these biscuits at I am hoping to bring some packages along to the Wine and Cheese preview night at our beach house. Sara's picture, our group PAWS for Charity and one of Char's collars are featured in Canadian Home & Country October issue. Did you know that you can also get your own dog's picture put onto a package of Sara's biscuits? Very cool idea! Check it out.


September 23, 2006

Can you say Chili? As the temperatures drop in the Ottawa Valley, we all want to stay warm...even the pouchies! Check out this shot of Bizmark wearing a head muff!

September 21, 2006

Dog Books : coffee table books featuring your dog

These are one of a kind, published and bound hard covered books featuring images captured during a two hour photo session at your dogs home. Each book is designed with your loyal canine in mind, capturing their personality and quarky habits for you to remember for years. For many clients, the book photo session came just in time as they lost their beloved dogs due to illness or old age. Gift certificates available, email for package options and prices

CARDS $6.50 (tx+SHP/HND= $9.00)
Thought I would finally add some photos of some of the dog greeting cards that I have created, with sayings like "with sympathy, I am so sorry, from the bottom of my heart." Each card features an archival print from my growing collection of dog photography. With a wide selection of colors and funky envelopes, it will certainly add a special touch for someone who has lost a beloved canine.

Hope you enjoy.

August 15, 2006

In Ottawa Valley tradition....g'day and for my favorite American friends g'! W
elcome to the Urban Dog blog. I want this blog to be a place where clients can come and check out some of their photos as well as a great place to get information on some really cool businesses in Ottawa and the surrounding area that cater to our beloved pooches! Looking forward to blogging with you!

All the best