October 29, 2007

The Galgos

Every story of horrible treatment to an animal is always alarming & disturbing to me. After hearing about the GALGOS and seeing some of the horrible treatment documented on the internet, I had to draw your attention to this situation. And although there are stories of dogs being mistreated all over the world, I mentally can only handle helping one group at a time. I hope this posting will help one person make a difference in a glagos life.
Adoptions are available to us in North America and you can also help volunteer at a shelter in Spain. The body of text below was taken from a community forum for the organization www.galgorescue.org Galgo Rescue Interntaional Network (GRIN)

Without a massive international onslaught, the Spanish Greyhounds (known as "Galgos") are condemned. Condemned to suffer and to die in a deafening media silence.

For just 2, maybe 3 years of their short lives those gentle Greyhounds from across the ocean only know a miserable life, with no advantages, before experiencing the most violent and unimaginable death.

In Spain, Galgueros (hunter with Galgos) do not use guns, they use their Hounds. But those hunters show no mercy to their faithful companions. The Galgos are treated as hunting tools, shut in a shed most of the time, ignored except for the hunt.

Already used to maltreatment by the age of 12 months, deprived of food and care, their owners do not hesitate to always inflict more atrocious suffering. In spring hunting season ends. The massacre and abandonment of Galgos reaches its height when the galguero, devoid of all feeling, carries out the final atrocity. The most traditional method remains, to this day, hanging by a method known as Ε“the pianist. The Galgo hangs, its feet just touching the ground, causing it extreme agony for several days. Then, exhausted and suffocated, it collapses, “hanging himself freeing the Galgueros of any kind of guilt. Whilst out for a walk in the forests of Spain, it is not unusual to make the macabre discovery of one of these unwanted Galgo hanging from a tree.

Around 10,000 Galgos are thus sacrificed each year, out of a total of 500,000 continually renewed by the galgueros. Hopefully there are rescue teams battling without let-up against these rituals of a by-gone age; rituals which involve abandonment, training to run fast behind a moving vehicle, starvation because they are then supposed to run faster to catch the hares, limbs amputated by unimaginable cruelty and pain. In some regions of Spain, especially in the South, the slow agony of the Galgos guards the tradition of this taste of men playing with death and, unhappily, it is difficult to eradicate some of these rituals, even the most unbelievably cruel.

Galgos are also very often stolen in the shelters by the Gypsies, they usually use them as bait in dogs fight, the are also using them for their hunting needs, they are very cruel and heartless...

After 5 years of non-stop battle, and influenced by different Greyhound and Galgos rescue organisations, Barbara Lefranc joined the Scooby-Belgium team ( www.scooby-belgium.be ) in June 2007, their priority being to mobilise public knowledge and opinion and to get Spanish petition signed-up in order to obtain a law to forbid hunting with Galgos in Spain. Helped and assisted by a team of volunteers, Scooby-Belgium steps in, notably in welcoming the Galgos into their associated refuges in Spain, and then finding caring homes in Belgium and France.

The mission of the association.

1. To remove these gentle defenceless animals from immediate danger.
2. To welcome them into the refuges and rehabilitate them both mentally and physically.
3. To find them homes with families who will give them the love they deserve.

October 23, 2007

Never abandon their post
A tribute & farewell to Uncle Buster

An incredible story was passed on this evening. A very special uncle in my family passed away this past week. My Uncle Buster and Aunt Dorothy have been a special part of my life. As a child, growing up in Montreal, I would visit their farm. I loved everything about those visits and those trips mean so much more as an adult.

With every visit was a special dog that would greet you at the gates, herd you back to the farm house when you ventured too close to the creek in the back fields and protect Uncle Buster's cows from the darkest of night's noises. There was always a special dog......

During the funeral of uncle Bus, my Aunt Dorothy was sitting on a chair in a cemetery surrounded by fields of cows and farmers crops. Out of no-where a beautiful blonde lab appeared by her side and raised his paw on to her lap. Since Uncle Bus' funeral, this beautiful dog has not left her side. No one knows where this dog came from, none of the neighbours have seen this dog before....he just appeared.

"Noble and True, the dog will fight to mend all that is unjust, a loyal and faithful friend dogs make any sacrifice for the sake of another, they never abandon their post, a genuine listener and confidant, the dog is keeper of all secrets." ~Year of the Dog

October 19, 2007

Blair Animal Hospital

If you have had the chance to visit Blair Animal Hospital, you will have met some of the most caring and providing staff that you and your pet can have during your animal's visit. If you get a chance take a trip down to the clinic to see the newly displayed photos of the staff and their furry friends on the wall. Throughout the summer we held photo sessions & gathered favorite quotes to highlight the excellent staff of Blair Animal Hospital.


October 11, 2007

Greyhounds Reach the Beach
It was another incredible trip to Rehoboth Deleware for Greyhounds Reach the Beach. The weather was a huge improvement, with sunny skies and HOT sandy surf! Thank you for everyone who allowed me to be a part of your special weekend with some fantastic images captured on the beach! For now I had to post a group shot of the Dewey crew! 12 hours of brainstorming & motivational conversations was probably my second favorite part of the trip. A huge thank you to artist Kelly Oliphant Burns of doodledogpaintings, Char Harding of Aroundthehounds.com, Julie Kelly of Chillydogs.ca. [and yes that's me in the back]

Keep posted for some shots from around Rehoboth & shots from the beach.


October 2, 2007

Greyhounds Reach the Beach

We are off, the Canuck team of Julie Kelly Chillydogs.ca, Char Harding of Around the hounds.com, Kelli Oliphhant-Burns doodledogpaintings.com and myself are packed and ready to hit the beaches of Deleware USA.

A fantastic weekend of vending and meeting some great inspirational greyhounds. This will be my second year at GRTB and I am excited for our dynamic Canadian team offering incredible design, art and photography.

Once again we are having our special invite only Design & Wine pre-GRTB evening at our cozy cottage in Rehoboth. This is a great night of casual mingling and getting a sneak peek at the offerings of these inspirational vendors.

Joining this fantastic canadian evening is California's Cara Brockhoff of NorthCoast Greyhounds. Her jewells will bedazzle you! We are so honored to have Cara and her incredible fundraising talents join us for the second year in a row.

So with door prizes and exclusive shopping, this proves to be another great way to start off GRTB 2007! See you soon!