July 4, 2007

Lick for Life @ WAG doggin it cafe

Saturday July 28 from 1-5pm

A unique opportunity to have a photo of your pouch in mid-lick! This day is a great way to come out for the afternoon and find out about Lifestream www.animalbloodbank.ca

They are a Kingston company that is in desperate need of a blood mobile that could travel to locations for animal blood donations. These vehicles cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and blood donations are vital to helping save the lives of dogs in critical need of blood.

Looking forward to meeting you and your dog (or maybe even cat?) To book your appointment visit WAG on Bank St. near Lansdown Park.

See you there,


July 1, 2007

URBAN dog photog feature article on PamperedPuppy.com

Just a quick note for URBAN dog photog followers, there is a new article in the July issue on Pampered Puppy, this is great site for all dog lovers. I have high respect for the photographers that Pampered puppy has interviewed in the past and take their interest in featuring my photography as a huge compliment! Thanks to my good friend MIV Fournier of MIV photography for working ihis magic with the lens for my bio photo. Thanks you to my clients who gave some wonderful words about the process of a photo session.

Happy Canada Day folks!

Sad good-bye to Monty
It was with sadness and shock to hear that Bark & Fitz's mascot Monty the bulldog passed away last Monday. Monty was a fantastic soul that brought smiles to anyone who he strolled up to for a quick scratch on the bum! LOL! I produced some of my favorite photos with Monty, he was so much fun to work with. I am so glad we have these great memories with him.