February 27, 2009


yikes, been a couple of weeks. I think I went back into the hole with Willy Wiarton the groundhog when he saw 6 more weeks of winter! HA!

I have a great excuse, one that has kept me very busy and like a little kid opening a present on Christmas morning! My new space! Wahoo, we are on the final couple of days of renovation before I can start to retro-fit my new ikea furniture into my new studio/office/client viewing/kid zone/husband office/cool basement/........basically let's say "multifunctional" space. I'll post some shots of the new space, but hopefully I can have you come over for a little open house down the road. See the space for your own eyes.

But as I had hoped to do a Year in review when we were actually celebrating 2009......I got delayed so to start off this idea, here is a a great photo taken by Artists Kellie Oliphant Burns.
This was posted on her blog a while back, but I wanted to show off this cute little guy...this is Leeroy and he is an IGGY. He was the perfect model for my shoot for an article in Dogs in Canada magazine about renting out dogs. I know crazy! People actually rent out dogs now.

Recenty, I was invited to speak at a local Ottawa Kennel Club meeting and I want to thank everyone for a great night. I had a great time meeting all of you and look forward to coming back in the future. I hope you all are enjoying the perPETual calendars!

And A Huge Congrats out to one of my clients, local Ottawa PUG Breeder Lorna Sale! She recently attended Westminster with one of her Canadian champion pugs Nessa and received the first honorable mention! What a fantastic accomplishment! Her pugs are truly beautiful! Check these guys out in "the" chair!

Keep tuned for some more updates....there's a little award announcement!