May 23, 2007

NEW dog forum!
It was about time that I got rolling on an idea I have had for a while, although it is not a printed version, it is a start. I have run into so many dog businesses in the Ottawa area that I wanted to create a place that a dog owner could come to and find these cool and unique businesses!

So check it out, use it often and spread the word! Word of mouth is priceless for these businesses!


May 3, 2007

National Magazine Award nomination June 15, 2007
The Human Being Jack C-ing Magazine April 2006
For those who are not aware, my background is as a newspaper staff photographer for close to 10 years. My training as a photojournalist is to capture emotions within people and tell their stories through photography.

Back in 2004, while working at the Ottawa Sun, I spent 8 months documenting an unconventional guy named Jack Davidson. Living at Ottawa's Hospice Mission Palliative Care unit, Jack learned to deal with his fate living with Hepatitis C and AIDS. This photos published originally in The Ottawa Sun, were re-published in 2006 by a great Canadian magazine called C-ing. A magazine dedicated to showcasing Canadian photojournalists and their work from across the country.

Recently, the photos of Jack were nominated in the Portrait category for the National Magazine Awards. The winners will be announced at a ceremony in Toronto June 15, 2007.

Although I have moved on to photographing a different subject, my passion for capturing truth and moments that speak volumes has not changed. Photographer and publisher Keith Morison recently said to me that as a photographer you should be able to find a great photo in all that you are passionate about. (I say here here!)

Publisher Keith Morison's C-ing magazine has had a wonderful year with numerous awards and nominations from the POYi 64 and National Magazine Awards. And check out his site for a "Foxy" golden retriever in his wild art section! Posted below are some of the photographs from Jack's story Published as a special pull out section in the Ottawa Sun December of 2004 and re-published in April of 2006 in C-ing magazine. I am truly honoured to be nominated beside talented, indredible photographers from across the country. I raise a toast to you all!