January 26, 2009

Chilly Dogs New Space!

If you have not discovered the best coats on the market.....visit Chilly Dogs to get a glance at their colors and sizes. Located in Ottawa Canada, these coats are designed by Chilly Dogs owner Julie Kelly who knows a lot about cold weather!

Julie is a great friend and colleague and over the years I have had the pleasure of photographing her coats and dogs. It was on the trip down to Dewey Beach in 2007, that the dream for this room was put into action. The ten hour drive was all chit chat about the space and what it would look like! SO I was really excited to watch this room come together.

So Voila! The year has started off fresh and new for Chillydogs, moving into their new space that is bright and very funky! With a blend of furniture and storage solutions from IKEA, Julie has created an ultimate creative space for her company~ I am partial to the photography on the walls! HA ha! ( yes those are my shots of Julie's dogs Bizmark & Mari)

Oh ya! And those bags in the basket above are her Sock monkey bags! Great for the beach....no sand!


January 23, 2009

Maybe next time Victoria!

Well, after a small crisis with our little Chilly-dog, it has come to pass that the Victoria trip will be canceled at this time. Chilli has been on medication for a sist and now she needs it to have removed, so the air fare goes to chilli's butt surgery! The sist is just beside her tail.
She is doing well though and we are looking forward to her being healed following the surgery. I'll be anticipating some funny cone head shots following her surgery.

But hey....psst....we are heading to Newfoundland in March......

January 21, 2009

Facebook Fan Page

I have many clients that want to be kept posted about upcoming events and great fundraisers. A newsletter is great, however sometimes they get sent to spam and really with blogs and facebook, there are new ways to keep posted on what's going on.

So here is the Facebook Fan Page for the URBAN dog photog, follow the link and become a fan and you will be given updates on new posts about events and fundraisers. You can also follow this blog by clicking on the RSS at the top corner.

Keeping in touch and clients up to date is a little resolution for me this year! So keep me on my toes and by all means, poke me through face book when you don't see a post for a while! HA!


January 19, 2009

Lil' Flirt

Ahh, William William.....look at those eyes. This little guy brightened up my weekend. I started with Williams mom & dad over a year ago as we started to document William's journey here. And look at him now! 1 year old!

This is a great package I offer as well called 4 one year, Starting with a Maternity session, followed by a newborn, 6 months and 1 year session, we bring the photos together to create an incredible book on your babies first year of life! I think William has become quite savvy with the camera! Cannot wait to see the reaction of Williams mom and dad when I place the book in their hands!

It's best to book in at 7 months to begin this journey. Although much of my clientele knows about my dog photography, I was originally trained as a newspaper photographer, so I offer packages for portrait sessions with people as well.

Looking forward to starting some new baby sessions this year! 2009...crazy!

January 14, 2009

Happy New Year.....
Oh okay so it's really late! But hey I'll blame it on the freezing weather! I was frozen and couldn't move....oh ya and the dog ate my homework! HA!

So 2009! wOw and January is already half gone. crazy.

I am pretty excited about 2009, there are some great events happening! Starting in February, I'll be traveling to Victoria Island B.C. for some great weather & to meet some cool west coast dogs. Session spaces are available, so book soon or let your long distance friends know how to get in touch soon.

Spring will be action packed as usual with some great events supporting some awesome groups who work with incredible dogs. Keep posted for the details on how to reserve your session for a two day event of photography at your local Bark & Fitz, "Fur in the family". This will be your chance to get an Urban hip family portrait done of the whole furamily. Details to come to Bark & Fitz Westboro and Kanata soon.

Be sure to look for me at the Annual BARK walkathon in May. For those who support BARK and raise money, this is the day I salute you with a free portrait in the park! As well win a great photo package as one of the "top fundraisers" prizes. Each year I have donated the popular Dog Eared Book package which includes a 2 hour session at your home & local park. In the end you will receive a book that tells the story of the bond between you and your dog. This is a prize valued over $800. BARK was Established in September 2001,The Bytown Association for Rescued Kanines (B.A.R.K.) is an all breed "no kill" rescue organization.They are a registered charity comprised solely of dedicated and experienced volunteers who go to the ends of the earth to help dogs who are found in horrific conditions.

Be sure to keep your eyes posted for the Annual Look A Like contest photo sessions at WAG A huge fundraiser success last year raising over $1000 for the Ottawa Humane Society! Keep posted to their web site and hear for more info on how to sign up. Take a peak at some of the winners from last year.

And this is just the first part of the year! But to start off your year right, you need to head over to the new Bark & Fitz store located in the Kanata Centrum. The new beautiful space is huge and offers great products, fantastic nutritious food for your pet, a grooming salon or should I say S-PAW. It was great to see some of my new work up on the walls including the new Loyal Noble True panel.

Also on display is the metallic print of a greyhound framed in beautiful barn board. Be sure to take a spin out their way, tell them I sent you!