December 30, 2006

X-mas photos for B.A.R.K.
Every year I donate a day to B.A.R.K for Santa Paws photos. It is always great to see the returning owners and pets who I have come to know over the past couple of years. As well as the committed volunteers who spend endless hours pulling together to help raise money for this incredible rescue group. I'll have you know
Santa was on his best behaviour for the visiting dogs.

Once again, as every year, I am always torn by the horror stories & conditions that some of the rescued dogs have come from. I encourage you to visit the B.A.R.K. web site and think about volunteering or donating at the next event.

Have a happy Howl-i-day!

December 20, 2006

PAWS for Charity

I am proud to be a part of the group called PAWS for Charity, where myself and three very talented women have come together to help raise funds for breast cancer research. We made a great first time donation to the Canadian Cancer Society for $2200, raising the money in only a short couple of months. This is only the beginning of our effort bringing dogs and our products together to help raise money for very important issues. We plan to continue our fundraising and will launch our 2007 campaign ideas soon!
From left to right is: Kelly Goan Canadian Cancer Society, Sara Harley, Char Harding Around the, Julie Kelly of & moi.

December 7, 2006

Wag Doggin it Cafe
We had a great time at Wag on Bank Street near Lansdown park November 30. I met some great dogs & cool cats! Here is a one of my handsome models!

It was great to meet all of the owners, look for a gallery of select images captured that night on my web site If you would like access to the gallery for reprints, drop me an email and I'll let you in!

All the best,