September 30, 2006

To keep you in suspense here is the page that features my photo of Betty and Sara-Belle, a breast cancer survivor and her loyal canine. Betty was photographed with her dog Sara-Belle for the package of Sara Harley's fundraising biscuit called Crunch for a Cure. You can get these biscuits at I am hoping to bring some packages along to the Wine and Cheese preview night at our beach house. Sara's picture, our group PAWS for Charity and one of Char's collars are featured in Canadian Home & Country October issue. Did you know that you can also get your own dog's picture put onto a package of Sara's biscuits? Very cool idea! Check it out.


September 23, 2006

Can you say Chili? As the temperatures drop in the Ottawa Valley, we all want to stay warm...even the pouchies! Check out this shot of Bizmark wearing a head muff!

September 21, 2006

Dog Books : coffee table books featuring your dog

These are one of a kind, published and bound hard covered books featuring images captured during a two hour photo session at your dogs home. Each book is designed with your loyal canine in mind, capturing their personality and quarky habits for you to remember for years. For many clients, the book photo session came just in time as they lost their beloved dogs due to illness or old age. Gift certificates available, email for package options and prices

CARDS $6.50 (tx+SHP/HND= $9.00)
Thought I would finally add some photos of some of the dog greeting cards that I have created, with sayings like "with sympathy, I am so sorry, from the bottom of my heart." Each card features an archival print from my growing collection of dog photography. With a wide selection of colors and funky envelopes, it will certainly add a special touch for someone who has lost a beloved canine.

Hope you enjoy.