December 29, 2008

here and gone, hard to believe that x-mas has already passed. Crazy how fast this year flew by. This leads me to say thank -you to all the wonderful dogs & their people who invited me inn to capture their spirits.

I am creating a little year in review for the blog & updating some galleries on my web site.

AND...very excited to let you know that I will be a little Jet PAWed (jet lagged i know corny) at the end of January. I am flying into Victoria B.C. January 31st for a week, I look forward to meeting some great western dawgs! There is still room for sessions through out the week.

December 22, 2008

Walking Alone....

I find myself photographing some wonderful old souls over these last few weeks leading up to Christmas. It is with sadness that these last minute sessions come to me, for the the Very same reasons that I decided to turn my camera towards capturing these wide eyed furry friends that grace our daily lives for such short times.

I, like many of my clients, define my life in dog years....each memory I have growing up is attached to a dog. For me there are the "Dillon" years, growing up as a little girl in the west end of Montreal with my very own personal horse, a beautiful fawn "Great Dane". He taught me how to follow the sun spots around the house for that extra warm nap in the afternoons. He also taught me to double bag! HA!

I have the "Lucky" years, which bring back vivid memories of high school, college and my first newspaper job at the Dorchester Signpost in Southern Ontario, where this wonderful collie cross girl shared my trips back home along the 401 in my white Mazda 323. Lucky came to work with me and sat under my desk, she kept me company while my family lived straight across the opposite side of the province. She was a constant while my photography career was just beginning and moving me all over the province every year or so.

She was 14 when we lost her to brain cancer. I had just started my family, my youngest daughter was only a couple of years old and funny enough she remembers Lucky and talks of her. Commenting on how much she misses her.

In salute of those of us who get it, those who know about the loss, I leave you with this excerpt from one of my favorite books, by Ottawa writer Roy MacGregor "The Dog and I ". If you don't have this book, you have to get it, but I do not suggest reading it in public....

Walking Alone Page 157

"I am having to learn to walk all over again. Don't misunderstand. I did not break a leg. There is no apparent brain malfunction, despite all those years of covering hockey. I am learning to walk alone, and is not an easy thing to do. There is no longer a dog around here to walk me
( yes, it was finally "time"; enough said, please), and yet I remain one of those people who must, absolutely must, get out each day and work off excess energy.

For nearly 16 years Bandit walked me. And for 16 years before Bandit came along, Bump walked me. Dogs, in fact have been walking me since I was eleven years old and a family down the river was handing out mutts that were still hanging off their one mother but looked as though they had several different fathers. So it is only in these past few weeks that I have realized that I cannot walk alone.

When I head down the street and over the crosswalk toward the park we always walked in. I now think every driver passing by figures I have a heart condition. I am out here, walking under doctor's orders. Or prehaps I am something never seen before in this suburban neighbourhood - a middle aged man without a car and am therefore immediately under suspicion.

It has all brought home the fact that we are defined by the company we keep. There is not a man alive who has ever pushed a stroller and not noted how , miraculously, women coming in the other direction no longer avoid eye contact but simply smile widely at you. And there is not a dog walker born who has not benefited from the doubt that is erased in the minds of all he passes. If the dog is friendly- and all of ours have been tail wagging, crotch nuzzling, face licking basket cases- then the owner is automatically presumed friendly as well, and the strangers will nod and say hello and often stop to pat a head until they are so soaked in saliva they must head off in search of towels...........But at this time of year it is too cold for biking, too early for skiing, and too often too icy and slushy for running, so there is really nothing to do each day but head out in the dying light and walk.
Alone. A suspicious character, up to no good, Someone who had better find another dog soon to walk him. "


December 11, 2008

Great gift idea.....

Another tie, pair of slippers, chocolates, CD, movie passes................. So how do you create a really cool reaction on Christmas morning? Have a funky little green bag with a Gift certificate towards an exclusive photo session with Ottawa's Urban dog photog.....

Finding gifts that people are passionate about can be hard when you are down to the wire, so make it easy and make it one of the most memorable presents that you give.

Photo sessions focus on capturing your pet's personality, creating a visual story of the bond that exists between you and your furry friend.

Gift certificates can be for any amount towards a session and come wrapped and ready for under the tree. Drop us a line at


November 29, 2008

Sneak peek from WAG

I am so excited by the shots today that I had to load up a thank you to all the great dogs that came by WAG for their X-mas photos. As well hats off to their "persons" who let me create some x-mas shots that were a little different than your usual festive furry fotos!

Here is Gaston
(said with a very french accent, at least in my head, HA!) a beautiful Brussel Griffen and my main dude Bizmark! He is the talented dog of his person......Julie Kelly of Chillydogs.

So what's with the "person" thing you say.....go see the movie BOLT. Loved it! Kids loved it! Everything about the movie, is what I see in camera everyday, in all of your dogs eyes.

It was great to see the Greyhounds out for the special day as well! Thanks to Laura Simmerman for staying the day to help educate and inform about the plight of the greyhounds & the local fundraising movement, saving greyhound's lives, giving them forever homes!


November 22, 2008

Lil' Oliver

Spent a wonderful afternoon with 6 month old Oliver. I have had the pleasure of capturing Oliver's life since the beginning! This book is going to Rock! Look at that smile.....I think he was flirting! LOL!

For more information on having your whole family & Fido photographed, send me an email or visit the web site
A gift certificate for under the Christmas tree will win some brownie points for sure!


November 21, 2008

S (ight h) OUNDS of Christmas @ WAG
Ode to Ottawa's sight hounds

Just a quick note to book your time soon before spaces are gone. I'll be spending the day at WAG on Saturday Nov 29th to capture some festive furry faces! This is a super sweet deal for loyal customers of WAG, but at this price the spaces will fill up fast!

Even though it is called Sight hounds of Christmas, the event is open to all breeds, shapes and sizes! It is just a special photo day in tribute of all the great sight hounds in Ottawa!
And for those who are looking for a little more, I'll have samples of this year's custom 5x7 folding Christmas Greeting Card that you can order at the time of your session. The cards come in sets of 24 with envelopes and start at $150.

November 18, 2008

Christmas Card Photo sessions 2008

Christmas.........right around the corner! CRAZY, where does the time fly....I am not sure. Just to make sure everyone is on their toes, I am booking Christmas card sessions so you can send out some FUR-tastic cards.

Each session includes a one hour on location photo session, 48 5x7 folding Christmas cards with the envelopes & 2 8x10 prints. If you happen to be a former client and have some great shots already, we can use those shots and order the cards on their own! You have to call soon to book, spaces are very limited and time is a runnin' out.

This card above was created from last years x-mas photo session at Wag Doggin it cafe on Bank Street. Which happens to be planned for this year again and is just around the corner Saturday November 29th. Bookings for this day are being taken at the store and fill up very quickly, this year's theme is S(ight h)ounds of Christmas. Of course anyone is welcome to come in for a quick photo, but this year I am paying respect to all the sight hounds & the plight of the Greyhound.

I look forward to seeing all of you! Keep posted for the photo session details for WAG.

Till then, Cheers
Toute la famille!

How do you brighten up a real grey Sunday? Spend some time photographing the cutest little Clara I have met in a long time! Thought I would share a couple of images from Clara's family session with her three lovely playmate Vizlas!


October 14, 2008

mr roast beef

This was so cute that I had to post this, I recently had a client email me to frame a photo of their beloved boston terrier named Charlie for his vet. It seems to be that Charlie has a thing for roast beef, so the story goes.

Shopping for Thanksgiving, weekend Charlie's owner purchased a beautiful roast and proceeded to shop in the next store before returning to the car.

Upon arriving back at the car, it became quickly apparent that Charlie Aka " mr roast beef"
had proceeded to remove the wrapping from the roast beef and help her trim the fat off the roast! This is after he got into trunk area and brought the roast into the car! So after a weekend at the vet clinic, "mr roast beef" is doing just fine! HA!!! Love it!


September 28, 2008

Greyhounds Reach the Beach 2008

Looking forward to a great car ride with owner and creator of Chillydog coats Julie Kelly! The ten hour drive to Rehoboth turns into a fantastic jam session of marketing, design and business ideas!

Over the summer, I was accepted to partner with a great Hollywood designer Gina Alexander who makes incredible hand bags featuring images from one of my photo sessions. For all those attending Greyhounds Reach the Beach, I am bringing along one of my favorite shots from GRTB 2007 on the new Dewey Beach BEACH bag!

Stop by the Firehall in Rehoboth, Deleware to check out the incredible quality of this bag. Stay tuned for other sample of these incredible bags coming soon.


September 24, 2008


One of my favorite shots from this summer form one of my favorite subjects....stella, speaking of Stella......Bark & Fitz is open as of this Saturday at their new Kanata location! They are located in Centrum plaza near the Aquarium store. Exit off Terry Fox and be prepared to stay and hang out a long time! It is huge and has so many cool things to buy!

September 18, 2008


One of my clients lost a wonderful companion this past summer, She was a beautiful spirit and we had a ton of fun during our session this summer. Susan and Earl adopted her from BARK rescue, a group very close to my heart.
My heart goes out to Susan, Earl & their beautiful Gracie.


September 9, 2008

Greyhounds Reach the Beach
Rehoboth Deleware Oct 9-13th

The dog days of summer are over and I am already getting ready for GRTB, the ultimate gathering of greyhounds on the east coast! Greyhounds and their owners from all over North America gather in the lovely coastal towns of Rehoboth and Dewey Beach Deleware. No matter what the weather turns out to be, images from this event are among some of my all time favorites!

Keep posted for information on the new BEACH bag session....this bag is even great for the great White North! Made in Hollywood, it adds a little bling bling to your life!


June 30, 2008

What goes round and round and round, other than a dog chasing it's tail! my new biz card

All these crazy thunder storms we are having are keeping me in and in front of the computer screen....and it's a good thing, here is a sneak peek of my new biz card coming soon. And althought this template shows it as a square, I assure you it will be round! ALways wanted a round business card! Had a great time designing this one, LOVED photographing this puppy. Keep an eye out for it at local vet clinics and your favorite dog stores.

A heads up that there are lots of new products & options to display your images from your session, coming this summer! Even if you have had your session last year or the year before, give me a shout and I can let you in on the secrets!


June 20, 2008

Arthur + Sara

There is something very majestic about a barn, the textures, the mood and the light. There something even more captivating for me.....the bond that exists between a horse and it's owner. The smells of a barn and the images are running through my veins. I grew up around a barn and riding a little when I was a kid. So this is only a natural progression for me and my photography. So a long over due introduction, the beginning of the Urban horse photog!


June 15, 2008

WEST fest 2008!

A great day at west fest 2008 in Westboro yesterday. It was supposed to rain but it remained sunny and we managed to raise some great money for BARK. Come by the Bark and Fitz booth to check out some great doggy ice cream cones, poochie sushi and grab a quick pic of you and your dog.

This year I chose to pay tribute to the classic photo booth shots that would get at your local mall (tacky ornage and blue backgrounds and all!).

Keep posted for more selections of funny Photo booth strips of westfesters and their lovely dogs! Here is sample from Saturday!


April 28, 2008

BARK's 7th Annual Woofs and WAGs walkathon

Another busy weekend coming up! Hope to see you at the annual Woofs and Wags walkathon at the arboretum this Sunday. This year there are two photo packages up for grabs!Hope to see you there!

Sunday May 4, 2008

WHEN: Sunday May 4, 2008

WHERE:Arboretum (Central Experimental Farm; detailed map on pledge form)

TIME: Registration 8:00am (coffee and donuts will be served)

WALK: 9:00am- anyone not collecting pledges can pay a $20 registration fee.

April 26, 2008

Over $1000 raised for Ottawa Humane Society!

It was a wild and crazy day as 50 contestants battled it out to win the flat screen TV at WAG's first annual Look a Like Contest! Some contestants were so original that no one could compare and they had the camera to themselves! Like Macko shaking below, a gorgeous Komondor! This was my first encounter with this awesome breed! WOW! And below is Eszti, a breed named Puli, with owner Heather! Love the hair do's!

We had a great time and were able to raise over $1000 for the Ottawa Humane Society.Special Thanks go to Realtor Tracey Arnett Realty, for donating the flat screen TV that drove everyone out to the event!

And a huge thank you to Wag Store owners Joan and Lynne for inviting me to photograph this event and be a part of making a difference in an animal's life at the Humane Society.

Enjoy some of the shots from the event!
Cheers everyone!

April 25, 2008


It was an early morning at the house, making the trip into the local news station for a live hit with Kurt Studley of the A-Channel. All in the name of the Ottawa Humane society and the fundraiser event at WAG the doggin it cafe tomorrow from 10:30 to 4:30.

We are having a look alike contest and I will be on hand to take the photos of all the entries. We are accepting a donation for the Ottawa Humane Society. But if you donate $20 to the humane society then you will receive an 8x10 print of your photo, but if you donate $30 to the humane Society then I'll throw in one of my limited edition perPETual calendars as well!

This should be a ball of fun so I am looking forward to meeting everyone who can come out to participate!

See you tomorrow!

April 17, 2008

New Web Site!

With the new weather and the melting of the snow, I thought it was time for some spring cleaning and a little something new. I am sooo happy to finally launch the my web site

On a side note about the music chosen for my web site. Canadian Jenn Grant and American singer Alice Peacock both are dog lovers and both granted permission to use these songs when I approached them. To check out their music go to Alice Peacock and Jenn Grant.

I hope you enjoy the new look and keep posted for some new products.


April 16, 2008

Old Souls

Over the past month I have received three messages from clients that their beloved dogs had passed away. I think it is important to honor these old souls who help keep our lives balanced in so many ways. I thought it would be nice to honor, Zu Zu, Crom & B.J. with a favorite quote about the nature of these great friends.

" Noble and true, the dog will fight to mend all that is unjust, a loyal and faithful friend dogs make sacrifice for the sake of another, they will never abandon their post, a genuine listener and confidant the dog is keeper of all secrets. "
The Chinese New Year of the Dog


April 11, 2008

If you get a chance to stop by the magazine rack this weekend, grab a copy of the April issue of Dogs in Canada. The cover features a beautiful Pomeranian of Ottawa breeder Pomamania Reg'd. We had a blast during this photo session, many of you may recognize the little chair that I bring on smaller dog sessions.

Here is a sneak peek of the cover. Hope you enjoy!

April 8, 2008

Had to let you in on a great day coming up at WAG! Great prize!But you can also support the Ottawa Humane Society at the same time!

I'll be photographing the entrants at WAG on Saturday April 26. Stop by WAG to get more details and the rules of the contest.


March 30, 2008

Ottawa Humane Society Furball

The Ottawa Humane Society Furball was a great evening at the Art Gallery in downtown Ottawa last evening! I am looking forward to photographing the cats of the winner of my donated package for a coffee table book! Keep posted to see some images from their book.


March 9, 2008


I thought a photo of my husband snow plowing the driveway would make everyone feel warm and cozy! This was a crazy 48 hours and we are still snow plowing the driveway!

In like a lion and ..........


March 4, 2008

cockTAIL PAWty Social @ Bark & Fitz Westboro

What a great time! These by invitation only socials are a great way to learn some great information on what we are feeding our pets. And perfect theme after watching a CBC documentary on what we feed our pets! If you have not had a chance to get to Bark & Fitz in Westboro, this is the perfect time to venture out and learn some important info on what we feed our dogs.

You need to register for these events and get on the invitation lists. Or visit the website

March 1, 2008

March issue of Dogs in Canada

Available on the shelves today is the March issue of Dogs in Canada. Back in February, we braved some nasty weather for a photo session with Ottawa area Borzoi Breeder Rita Walker. Her dogs are beautiful and they were majestic in the snow. Thanks again to Rita who was a trooper, participating in the photo session in knee deep in snow!

Keep posted for some images from Virginia!

February 29, 2008

"Southern Dawgs"

It has been a great trip to horse country in Virginia and we have done two fabulous dog sessions on some incredible estates. I have been very fortunate to experience two wonderful corgis named Flora & Ivy Geranium and an old soul named Arch. I would love to say that I have been romping around in sandles and shorts, but I think I brought the Canadian cold weather with me.

Best part of the trip has been staying with a great friend and visiting with Scarlette and Dash. The dynamic duo of the elegant greyhound and the southern belle black cocker spaniel.

I am looking forward to many future trips back to meet some more incredible southern dawgs.


February 21, 2008

On the Road!

A week today I'll be a little more South and hopefully enjoying some much needed spring weather! Along with this lovely trip to Virginia to see a great friend will be the privilege of photographing a Great Dane named Arch! I am very excited for this photo session and will update all of you from the warmer temperatures during the trip. Just to keep it real! HA!

Another day at WAG

Keep posted to get a sneak peak to another creative photo session at the Glebe's favorite pet hang out, Wag Doggin it Cafe. Details are being finalized and this time I'll make sure to get everyone in the loop sooner than later. Thanks to all of you who have supported WAG and our photo sessions and for those who have missed out, you'll need to make sure you check back for this's going to be a real fun time.

Just to keep our lovely thoughts on the weather that is coming soon, here is one of my favorite clients and her beauties on the beach. Hang on Ottawa only 5 more weeks of -23 c.......... but till then, here is some sand for oyu to sink your feet into! This page is from the book of Gabby, Tinkerbelle and Doc. A truly wonderful family that have become a part of mine!


February 3, 2008

Alleigh & Emma.

It is always hard to hear from clients when one of their faithful friends has continued their journey to the Rainbow bridge, this week we lost a great little friend named Emma.

My thoughts are with Tracey and Ivan, cherishing the images captured during our December photo session.


January 25, 2008

A chance to meet & talk!
Bark & Fitz
Sunday January 27th

Remember this Sunday is the meet n greet where you can come by Bark & Fitz on Richmond Rd in Westboro, near Mountain Equipment co-op and check out some of my new photos hanging on display. We can also chat about any upcoming photo sessions. There is a special in-store booking special for Sunday. Book a Book session and receive an extra 5x5 "brag book" along with the 7x7 hard covered coffee table book. These brag books are a great size for a purse or pocket and give you the ultimate bragging rights about your perfect pet!

Westfest revived!
Included on the walls of Bark and Fitz is this poster I designed that includes all the dogs I photographed for westfest in 2006, I was unable to make it to Westfest in 2007 and so it was a great surprise when owner of Bark and Fitz Ottawa Lynne Grandmaitre reminded me of this file from the 2006 archives. I love the personalities of each dog! I felt it had a touch of spring to it...... and we could use a little of that right now !


January 22, 2008

Many of my clients know that I support many organizations that work to better the treatment, the rescue and provide excellent care to animals. I have been very fortunate to have some incredible friends who have worked to make a difference in the lives of the Galgos, regularly donating medical supplies, coats and collars. After seeing some of the most horrific treatment on Galgos, I am drawn to this quote:

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which it treats it's animals". ~ Ghandi

It is always a shock when I see some of the images coming from Europe through some of my sources, concerning the mis-treatment of these animals. I urge you to open your eyes to some of these images and sign the petition and make a stand. If everyone thinks only "one" signature won't make a difference, then there won't be change.

This was recently sent to me in an email:






January 17, 2008

Westboro, Ottawa
Richmond Road Sunday January 27th 10-4pm

On Sunday January 27th I will be meeting and greeting anyone who comes out to the BARK & FITZ store between 10 and 4pm. This is a chance for me to chat and meet anyone who has questions about their future Spring & Summer photo sessions.

In fact, I am having a special that day. Book a Book session and you will receive an extra free hard covered 5x5 brag book as part of your package! These great brag books are the talk of the town when you pull them out of your purse (or back pocket)! Imagine the buzz having your very own published book of you & your dog!

Owner Lynne Grandmaitre of Bark & Fitz is hosting a month long exhibit of some of my new work as well. Featured in the store are a collection of previous published clients books, new prints and a slide show featuring photos never featured before.

I would love to meet you and your loyal companions, so come on out with your coffee in hand and say hello!


January 4, 2008

Welcome 2008!

A very big thank you to all of the clients who made 2007 a fantastic year. It was great to meet so many incredible dogs an owners who's passion for the love of their companions inspires me to capture that special bond every time! I am very lucky to have created a special bond with each of you and I cherish the relationships that we have created despite the loss of our furry friends.

There was some great events including Lick for Life bringing awareness to Lifestream, A Kingston based animal blood bank organization in it's start-up phase. The girls of Paws for Charity were able to raise over $1500 for the Canadian Cancer Society and breast cancer research, a huge thank you to all of the clients who purchased copies of my new 2 year perPETual calendar, with a total of $144 dollars from the sales of the calendar from October to December! Dewey beach was a fantastic trip this year with beautiful weather and lots of waves to swim in! Did I mention that this trip is in October and yes we were swimming! BARK had some great events that we were a part of. This organization does wonderful work helping rescue dogs out of some of the most horrific situations. And they helped me find Chilly, my wacky little terrier.....or so we think is a terrier? This little ball of fire has added a huge element of laughter, love and loyalty that my two girls aged 2 and 5 have cherished. What a wonderful gift to teach children. Future rescue and animal activists for sure!

I really feel so lucky to have met and been a part of capturing memories for the souls who have followed their journey to Rainbow Bridge. Each one of these animals has touched my heart and I have been so privileged to have captured their spirits and keep the memories alive for their special owners.

A year in review is always a huge task and so I'll leave this post with a new start, late in the fall I had the opportunity to capture a new type of client! Harry the CAT! What a stunning little soul! Eyes that rip right through to your heart! Here is a sneak peak of some of the great images we captured of Harry.........

So yes, we are now accepting commissions for our furry feline friends as well!

So my new years blog more frequently. That's for you Aunt Sue! LOL!